ALDEA is a DAO or Decentralized Autonomous Organization

Our Mission is to facilitate the transformation in Latin America by creating an ecosystem that allows people to gather, communicate, self govern, produce and commercialize as an Autonomous and Decentralized Community, without intermediaries and without central entities that can exercise any kind of censorship over these interactions.



ALDEA WIKI is the reference place to find and share knowledge and information about Cardano, Blockchain and the crypto industry.

A collaborative platform where to concentrate all the information generated by the writers and content generators of our community. A place to teach and learn

Initial version


ALDEA Catalyst

Project Catalyst is an experiment by IOHK and Cardano in community innovation, which provides a framework for turning ideas into high impact and real world projects

ALDEA Catalyst is a support site for all things related to Project Catalyst. A place where all Hispanophones can maximize their possibilities of participation and develop skills valuable for the entire Cardano ecosystem.

Initial version



Project Catalyst

ALDEA Roadmap

September 2022
Tokenomics launch

$ALDEA token distribution is announced.

October 2022
Airdrop Iteration 0

An airdrop of $ALDEA tokens will be made for participants of iteration 0.

November 2022
Claim for delegators

Delegators from ALDEA stake pools - and others - will be able to claim $ALDEA tokens.

March 2023
Vesting for ALDEA SPOs

ALDEA SPOs will have access to a token allocation with a 3 year vesting period.

May 2023
Staking NFT Iteration 0

The staking will last 6 months and will deliver 2,500 $ALDEA for each NFT that is staked during this entire period.

August 2023
Staking $ALDEA

$ALDEA can be staked to receive more $ALDEA.

October 2023
Liquidity Pool