What is ALDEA?

ALDEA is an acronym for "América Latina DEscentralizada y Autónoma." "Aldea" also expresses the sense of community. ALDEA will be the Latin American DAO that promotes collaboration for the common goal of solving major community problems

What is a DAO?

According to Wikipedia, it is "A Decentralized Autonomous Organization or DAO, also called a Decentralized Autonomous Corporation or DAC, is an organization that is administered through rules encoded in computer programs called smart contracts" [and not influenced by a central government].

What kind of problems will ALDEA solve and how?

ALDEA will be a place where Latin American communities can come together and collaborate. Like Project Catalyst today, ALDEA will allow people in the communities to share problems and ideas about how to solve them. The decentralized nature of the platform will create an environment where the community self organizes, not only so that the most interesting and viable ideas prevail, but also so that the most prominent problems are prioritized.

ALDEA will manage a Treasury based on the IOHK paper: "A Treasury System for Cryptocurrencies: Enabling Better Collaborative Intelligence", through its own Government Tokens, in the same way that it currently does with ADA.

What will ALDEA do with the Treasury?

Whether it is to promote Cardano adoption in the region, help develop Local Community Centers, fund the development of dApps, or solve economic and social problems through non profit organizations, the different ways the Treasury can be used will be discussed and agreed upon by the community itself in ALDEA forums and through its Governance Tokens.

What is the relationship between ALDEA and Project Catalyst?

Having their own treasury and allowing members to collaborate and discuss ideas in their native language, ALDEA will help both fund projects directly and provide a platform to create stronger proposals that can be submitted to Projet Catalyst, already curated and supported by the community.

What is the timeline of the project? When can I start using ALDEA?

In a project with the objectives of ALDEA, the investigation phase is fundamental. This is Phase 1 of ALDEA. During this phase, many of the unknowns will be resolved. This will be the base used to plan the team, the development time, and will define the timeline of the end of the project.

Although the functional DAO is still under development, we are waiting for you on the Discord channels , where the community as a whole can collaborate on ideas.